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This forum is dedicated to Robin Hood and to a very special movie called Robin of Sherwood.
Even though it’s a Russian forum, some information is accessible in English. For some threads you don’t even need to understand a word in English. Look, here we have our section of the Art and wallpapers, dedicated surely to Robin of Sherwood: Наш фото- и видео-арт (wallpaper). Or why don’t you try our videos? Just click on Youtube section just on the right top of the page, highlighted in red and you might find some interesting stuff.

If you are curious to see what we’re talking about, just use this automatic translator: Google Translator. Just click on «Translate a web page» and you’ll have an idea of the text on the page.

If you have any questions or queries, just let us know. Some of us speak English and here we are: Nasir, olga_shamrock, cycik, Alga.

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